Hello :D

Hi my new followers. I still haven’t figured out how to add the sticking site visitor counter as I need technical information that I can’t seem to remember when I talk to my tech guy LOL If I could tell him, I’m sure he could tell me where to go, er, where to find them.

At least I know I have spam followers. Eight comments. Nope, you don’t see eight comments on the whole of my blog. That’s because 4 were spam. Although, to be fair, I marked one as spam because it looked like spam, but I can’t read the language it’s in to tell for sure. 😛

I’m busy busy busy 🙂 I’m going to teach myself how to do book covers since I’m an artist and I’m going to self publish certain of my creations. I may have a new cover on the kindle version of Rebellion on Piza 7 soon. I’m going to do a bit of rewrite and retitle it to give it the new bit and a new cover.

I’ve been putting it off because I don’t want to ruin my chances of traditional publishing, but it was the wrong decision. I can write and edit over three novels a year, despite my busy life. Waiting on traditional publishing makes no sense. So I’m going to publish some and send others to agents. We’ll see what happens. People like Kait Nolan have been a true inspiration and have made me realize that it’s past time for me to take the plunge.

I’ll expand more on this on my blog over the next few weeks. Thanks for stopping by!

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