Rewrite update for Paranormal Romance

The serial for Splintered Lands is going well. It is a hop from me then a leap from my critique partner, then a jump from me…you get the idea.

The next installment should go up soon, it’s running about every week to week and a half.

As for the rest of stuff, I’m busily writing, editing, rewriting, etc my paranormal romance that used to be a short of 12600 words but is now at 37788! And I still have some more world building to add. So, I think I’ll have no problem getting to 50k or higher. This is an exciting chance, so keep your fingers crossed for me. I sent this short in, got a request to add in this, that and the other thing, which were all things I’d plan on doing in short pieces as a series of shorts. So, yeah, no problem. Except that I have to get the darned thing written lol My main problem is finding and keeping the voice. I keep trailing off and making the style more fitting for a thriller. I don’t think adding that in will hurt the story, but part of what the editor liked was the voice. I think. Anyways, I’m working hard on that when life isn’t protruding it’s ugly head.

Most of my other work is on hold while I get this roughed out. Then I’ll be editing, so will be writing on another story in the process. Editing gives me the heebie jeebies as I’m afraid of heading the wrong direction and losing what made the story good in the first place.

I’m off to write now, but know I haven’t forgotten I have more writing to do for my own site and will get to it soon. Very soon.

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