I have published my first “for sale” erotic. You can purchase it here at smashwords or


at Amazon for kindle. I was able to do it under my pen name, Lady Jane Boschmann for Amazon…not sure what I did wrong on Smashwords, but since I’m not trying to hide my affiliation with the name that part’s alright. Mainly, since I write fantasy and sci-fi that has little or no sex, I wanted people to know when it has lots of sex in the story. All my romances will have some in it.

Anyway, I hope you all will go try it out 😀 It’s a short story I wrote a while ago and decided to edit. Yes, to make some money 😛 I have a romantic thriller slated to come out at end of August, but it’s a lot longer and I’m waiting for beta feed back on it 🙂

I’m nearly finished with the paranormal and I hope the editor that liked the short story still likes it. I’m trying not to hope too much, but, can’t seem to help it. So go purchase my erotica to help me keep my mind off the other one, okay? LOL In the meantime, I’ll finish it (nearly at 50k! yay!) and edit it and send it off…

*cross your fingers for me*

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