The Hunger Strikes

The Hunger Strikes is what I’ve titled the group of short stories of the fantasy world that different hungers help to destroy as well as build. Greed, lust, power, love, hate, justice, all things every sentient being feels at one point in time or another.

I’m writing for Splintered Lands, as I’ve said ad nausum here, and it’s hard work because there are a lot of strictures and a lot of…cooks involved, shall we say. I’m enjoying myself, but at the same time, it can be frustrating to write to someone else’s strictures, especially if you think one type of stricture would lead to y when they think it leads to x. Then I remembered: I have a full length fantasy novel out at beta’s right now…a very good one. I’ve already set up a fantasy world. So why not start free shorts on my website with that world, then the only strictures are those of my mind. I’m in control…yeah, I like being in control… πŸ˜›

For me, all the different genres I write are about our souls, our inner needs and wants and the core of what makes us US. Each genre emphasizes a different part of our souls in different ways. I love exploring the human psyche and seeing what happens. It’s why I read so much of everything. It’s why I write so much of everything. It’s why I paint. I hope you enjoy my short serials of The Hunger Strikes as I put them out πŸ™‚ I’ll try for a short serial story about once a week and a short chapter every couple of weeks in another link. We’ll see if I’m able to maintain that schedule along with my other writing obligations LOL It’s good to be busy!

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