Day Job

So yikes!! It’s been awhile. I started a day job that was supposed to be lots of work from home and only two days in the office. One job turned into to (still supposed to have lots from home!) but then my internet went NUTSO. So now, no internet.

Between that and learning how to budget my time, my writing has flopped!! Well, I’m back in the saddle!! Again. Life is funny. I’ll blog about it soon on blogspot, but wanted y’all to know I haven’t abandoned my site! I will write another short to Hunger Games soon, I’m sure. I’m working on novel and as soon as I’m stuck, I’ll want something else to help the muse along!

I just deleted a gazillion (is that a real word?) s*p*a*m* comments. Really? I’m female. Did you see the pics? Thankfully, I have to approve comments first. Sheesh. Anyways, thanks to all my faithful readers and more is coming! Promise!

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