Did I tell everyone?

I’ve got a contract, or two, or actually, two contracts on paper and another publisher verbal, or email, or such, with lots of shorts and a novel? I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned the latter (Splintered Lands, Deepwood Publishing) but not so sure of the former (Breathless Press) Best part is it’s for different Genres which allows me to be working on them simultaneously. I admit, I’ve been lax of late on the Splintered Lands as I haven’t recovered from killing of characters that were originally supposed to be strong supporting characters for the latter half. I fixed one problem… sort of, but there are others, and my mind is going “Who me? You want ME to fix it? You’re the one who killed my earlier brain child. You fix it!” LOL

Oh, have I mentioned us writers talk to ourselves A. LOT? Anyway, I’m posting a pic of the cover for the release July 6th, here and when I remember HOW to add it to the main website, I will 😀 I’ll also have a link for the pre-release ASAP. 😀 As soon as I have it! Everytime I talk about all the writing stuff I have going on, I get butterflies in my stomach and want to squeeeeeeeeeeeee just a bit lol Hope everyone’s well. Now, off to do more writing related activities!

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