What a Year and It’s Just Begun

Hello hello!

It’s been quite the year. I’ve been painting and writing up a storm. I have two books up for preorder, Pirating Christmas and Magic and Weres. A conglomoration of new and newly edited of previously published works. Pirating Christmas is sci-fi romance, and Magic and Weres is Paranormal romance. I still need to work on better blurbs. :S My nemesis as always. Today, I have Sheri Velarde visiting on my blog over here.

She’s been really helping me a lot on blogs and appreciate her time and efforts. She also happens to be a great writer, so if you love romance, check her out!

I have plans. Big plans. I aim to put out five books this year. I already have two on pre-order. I have loads to do, but I will get it done. I actually aim to put out a MINIMUM of five books this year because some of them are reboots, which still takes time and money for reedits and new covers. However, not as much time and money as new ones for self publishing. Also, want to get an agent for non romance books. I love science fiction and fantasy and plan to expand my writing in that area.

I’m also painting a lot more. I started at the end of last year and I’m continuing it through. Once I’ve signed them, I will post more pictures. I feel reborn. I wrote 60K for nano, all while making homemade meals, quilting three quilt tops, painting/sketching, taking care of kids, teaching sewing class, edited around 300k words as an editor, and cleaning. I can do this. I will do this.

I thank all those whom have hung on with me through the ages and can’t wait for the next bit to happen! Come along with me for the ride, and let’s make this a fabulous year together!


You can pre-order Pirating Christmas, which includes a peak into the sequel tentatively called, Pirates of the Empire. Looking forward to a fantastic new year with all of my readers and fans!




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