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This has been a very busy year for me when it comes to my writing. I have had several releases that I have not had an opportunity to share with you, but that is changing. Each week I will be sharing some of my new or recent books. Let’s start with my dark and thrilling romance, Darkest Valentine!

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The Dark Duke is bent on revenge for his father’s death. He was never convinced it was a suicide, despite the note he’d found. Something hit him as off. While working undercover to get his revenge, he stumbles across Lady Lillian—niece of the man responsible for it all.
He saves her from being shanghaied and finds himself enamored with her, despite who her family is. In a rash moment, he asks for a fake engagement as a way in to her family. However, he wants more than a false pretense. She is everything he has wanted and more. But will she stay with him when she learns his secrets?
Lady Lillian has no desire to marry. She’s seen quite enough of male domineering and shenanigans with, thank you. Then her brother arranges for her kidnapping, and the man saving her is none other than The Dark Duke. Though put off marriage, he convinces her to agree to a fake engagement as a way to help him in return for his heroics.
She is surprised at her feelings for him, but still wants more than a traditional life of a wife of a Duke. When she is confined to the house by her father, she is tempted to move out to her friend’s house. However, with financial security still years away, she can’t afford to do that, or her reputation would be torn to shreds. The Duke’s proposal gets her father off her back and buys her time to stay off the marriage mart.
She hadn’t counted on being kidnapped yet again despite measures taken for her safety. All fingers point to the Duke’s involvement, but she knows better. But will she leave alive in time to prove his innocence?

While keeping an eye out for Robert, she noticed an attractive red-headed man dressed in black save for his blue cravat. His broad shoulders particularly caught her attention until she gazed upon his face. His blue eyes gleamed as he watched her intensely, the sadness there striking a chord in her even from where she stood. Something about him had her wanting a closer look. Though he stood with a group of men on the sidelines of the dance floor, he lifted his glass to her as they passed, and she blushed at being caught staring and quickly looked away. His gaze stirred a restless excitement in her, and the flushed warmth would not leave her.
“Who is that red-headed man,” she whispered to Sarah.
Sarah peered over her shoulder, and Lillian pulled her forward. “Don’t look, you ninny. He’ll catch you. There are but few red heads in the ton.”
“Too late, he did. And that is the Duke of Canterbury, but he is better known as The Dark Duke. How do you not know him? I am sure I have mentioned him.”
“Well, I don’t remember, so give.”
“He is said to have gone mad with grief after his father’s death. Servants disappearing, even the men of the ton refuse to cross him in business.” Sarah shook her head as if above it all. “Whispers and rumors is all. Though that has not stopped every eligible female—save us—from flinging themselves at him. He also has two sisters. One made her debut to the queen this past year and is being launched this season. That is probably why he is here.”
His father’s death explained the sadness she sensed earlier. Lillian tried a discreet peek back at him, only to find him still watching her. He again lifted his glass, and she sucked in an embarrassed breath and hid behind indignation and fanned herself. How cheeky of him!
She was about to ask her friend about the man’s rather alarming nickname when Sarah grabbed her hand. “There’s Eufemia. Get ready.”

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