New Release: Zombie Infestation!

Want a thrilling new look at zombies? Try my new release Zombie Infestation, out now as a solo release.

As seen in the USA TODAY Bestselling box set, Empires of Shadow and Ash, comes Zombie Infestation.

Serena Rouge lives a double life. Writer, according to IRS. Trouble, according to the FBI.

Kick ass, rough, and yet, she can’t hide her vulnerable side when it comes to her kids. When the enemy threatens her kids if she doesn’t do exactly as they want, things go from bad to worse in a hurry.

A secret branch hiding behind the military is about to release the zombie virus as a a vaccination to the whole world. it’s up to Serena to shut down the operation with the help of FBI agent, Joseph…preferably without him becoming a zombie. But others in the FBI don’t want their mission to succeed. Without knowing whom they can trust, Serena and Joseph have to shut down the factory, without becomeing zombie fodder.

But how can they when the zombies take orders from a psychopath with an agenda?

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