Time to Get Into the Christmas Spirit!

December is here and I can’t help but think about Christmas and just how quickly it is approaching! It is a busy time of year for all of us and I am trying to make sure that my kids have a great holiday experience. As an artist and crafter, in addition to being an author and editor, this is the time of year when I have tons of projects to work on and complete for gifts. How are all of you getting ready for this season?

And as an author, of course I have a few holiday themed reads that you might be interested in!

Christmas Eve, Captain Faraway and her crew are ordered to a desolate planet to rescue a crashed cruise ship. However, all is not as it seems. With the commander of the pleasure ship not being forthcoming, most of the surviving passengers didn’t know they’d been shot down. Faraway is put in the position of revealing some unpleasant truths to attractive medical officer Ethan Roarke. Can Captain Faraway and the sexy doctor ferret out those whom don’t belong before they’ve killed her crew and taken over her vessel, or will they pirate Christmas along with their ships?

Link: mybook.to/PiratingChristmas

Join New York TimesUSA Today, bestselling and award-winning speculative fiction authors as they celebrate the holidays this December in steampunk style. Tinsel and trains, tinkers and time-machines, garlands and gaslamps grace the stories in this limited-time anthology.

Corseted ladies and cloaked lords fill your holidays with Christmas cheer—and a touch of Yuletide magic, too—in this collection full of tales of wonder set in alternate landscapes of Victorian style and steam-powered technology.

So deck the skies with dirigibles, gather ’round the clockwork tree, and settle in with your eggnog and goggles for a steampunk celebration like never before!

Link: http://a.co/d/akBghVq

And please don’t forget about my soon to be released book, Highland Magic! Out December 20, but available for preorder now for only .99 cents!

An evil darkness forces Mykel Campbell to reveal his magical powers.

Mykel leaves his beloved Highlands in search of a wife. He has two requirements: loyalty and comeliness. Lyall has plenty of both and more. She possesses a spirit of adventure he found appealing. His attraction to her could nae be denied. Verily, his good fortune is complete. Until the darkness strikes Lyall’s village. An evil which takes magic to defeat.

Lyall resolves never to marry. She could nae imagine finding anyone who would accept her magical abilities, much less her strong skills for reading and numbers. Then Mykel Campbell visits their village, and her heart is no longer hers, her body like a foreign land. He came in search of a wife. Could she dare hope?

Then an evil shadow full of creatures of her nightmares encompasses the land, and her family is in peril. Mykel swears his sword and magic to protecting them. Would the two of them survive to have the love of a lifetime? Or would evil triumph?

Link: mybook.to/HighlandMagic

Keep an eye out here on my blog for more books that would make great gifts! Happy Holidays everyone!

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