Witchy Wolf Now Available!!

I am so happy to announce that I have a surprise new release this week! That’s right my year of releases continues with Witchy Wolf!

Link: mybook.to/WitchyWolf

Wolves are their mortal enemies, and she’s mated to one.

Sabrina, a witch, had grown up on tales of the horrors of werewolves. She’d never thought much about it, never having met one, until one bit her against her will, seemingly proving her mother and the rest of the coven right.

Now, she had to face them at the yearly pilgrimage to Avebury from Stonehenge. On her way, her mate found her. Now she had his life to worry about too.

Treyan found his mate, but was confused that she had no idea about her pack… Then he discovered her real heritage. A witch. Of all the people to be mated to, he had to find a witch, the mortal enemies of the werewolves for half a millennia.

And on a supermoon month. He vowed to help protect her, even from her own coven if necessary. But would it be enough against centuries of prejudice, or would they both die in a fiery maelstrom by the coven’s hand?

Re-edited version from out of print Magic and Weres anthology. 15% bigger.

Also don’t forget that The Witch of Indigo Bayou will be out May 1 and is available for preorder now!

Link: mybook.to/TheWitchofIndigoBayou

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