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Check Out Port Stone: Dangers of the Swamp by Sheri Velarde

Today I am helping a fellow author and friends, Sheri Velarde, celebrate the release of her fantasy novella Port Stone: Dangers of the Swamp! Grab a copy now for only .99 cents!


Here’s a little excerpt:

A quick perusal of the pub showed that Phinelope had not yet arrived. In fact, no women were in the place other than the serving girl. As expected, everyone stared despite her hood being up. The serving wench came over and reluctantly took her order, walking away before Tianna had a chance to ask about Phinelope. The wench returned with her drink, dumped it on the table, grabbed the coin, and said nothing. Tianna felt that elves really were not received well here in Port Stone, though she had no idea why. In towns and villages, her kind were always treated with respect. Why were things so different here in this city? Deciding that it didn’t matter, she let her hood down, her dark green eyes flashing at those who stared even more openly at her.

Before she could ponder for too long, the door opened and another female came in. A tall, redheaded and striking human woman looked around, her blue eyes squinting to see in the dimness. She, too, stood out being all in armor and carrying a large Warhammer. Tianna immediately felt a kinship to this newcomer. She spotted Tianna and headed towards her. “Phinelope?” she asked.

“No, my name is Tianna, I had hoped that you were Phinelope, though I had assumed she, too, to be an elf. I am here to meet her as well. Please, sit, we can wait together.” Glad to have company that didn’t seem to stare at her with distrust just because of her race.

Nodding, the human sat, extending her hand, “My name is Kara, the priest to whom I owe my life sent me here to meet an elf named Phinelope and to help her in whatever mission she had.”

“An Elder of my Order gave me very similar commands but not many details. How very strange.”

“Indeed. This must be something important if the Druids and the Clerics are both involved. Who exactly is this Phinelope?” Kara asked as she signaled for an ale to the passing server.