I am an author and editor. I do content and line editing.

This page is a work in progress, so please have patience. My poor assistants also work elsewhere. I am a full time job for multiple people to handle. 😛

For content edits, I do multiple rounds. I work on content edits, developmental edits, character arcs, pacing, plot, grammar, punctuation, and style. I work with authors based on their needs and level to help them grow. My goal is to not only have a good book to market, but to help the authors become stronger writers and learn. I can do rush jobs. Books needing overnight work are subject to rush fees. Larger books wanting multiple rounds in less than a week are also subject to rush fees.

In general, fees are:

Content edits, .008 per word for three rounds. I will do .007 for 2 rounds, but only on books that have been through multiple edits elsewhere and just need a bit of help, or with authors I have worked with a lot.

Line editing is .004 cents per word for one round, and this is clean up phase. Book has to have been through multiple rounds with an editor and be pretty clean. I watch for continuity errors, punctuation, and grammar. I will make a note of other issues as found if they are blatant and badly done. Otherwise, this is just to help your MS look as professional as possible.


I suggest always using at least two editors. All editors have their strengths. Find the one who fits your personality and tastes. 🙂


I do give discounts for my regular customers. Also, I have an editing guideline I share with my content clients, which my regulars also receive the updates for. Message me on my FB author page for more information.

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