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Cerisa, trained as both mage and warrior, lives in exile with her family and best friend – a dragon named Lucian. Her peaceful life is ripped apart when her father is murdered by Lord Kyle, the man who has claimed the throne of Riverhand in the name of the missing queen through bloodshed and terror.

Cerisa’s plans for revenge, however, are stalled when her mother reveals two secrets that change the foundation of her life. One, her mother is the missing queen, and two, Lord Kyle is her blood father. Stunned and shaken, Cerisa vows revenge, even though her strong emotions wreak havoc on her already chaotic magic. She sets out with Lucian to kill Lord Kyle, despite – or because of – the revelations of her mother. After an attack that leaves her magically vulnerable, she meets Aron, her Drachecroi – a mate whose bonds strengthens the magical powers of their partners. When a simple broken wrist turns out to be infused with a dark curse, they realize that a powerful mage is helping Lord Kyle, defending him with a berserker to ensure the death of any who dare defy him. A berserker that has its sights set on Cerisa.

Lucian and Aron help her see that in order to save herself and the rest of Riverhand, she has to turn her back on her own need for revenge as well as convince her mother to do her duty and claim the throne. Preferably before being killed by a berserker. The journey to Dublinum is full of deadly creatures and bandits. Can Cerisa get her mother there in time to save Riverhand from endless civil war.

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Margaret Campbell lost her family to war between the humans and the magical folks. Only, the humans had magical help from those seeking power.

Margaret does not know of her heritage, but seeks out her family’s history as an adult. In returning to the village for the first time since the massacre, strange feelings and memories begin to resurface.

In her quest to find herself and people like her, Margaret steps into the very war which had claimed her parents. More, the others seem to think she needs to lead them.

Margaret must learn to bond with the Kelpies and lead others in order to save her friends, what’s left of her people, but she doesn’t know if she can.

How can she fight those powerful enough to kill her parents and win?

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Four short stories in this anthology. A faerie runs from her family and her destiny only to be caught in its snare with a werelion; a boggart tries to steal the magic from its prey, only to become the hunted; a vampire runs from his coven, only to unknowingly end up in a slayers arms; a witch is turned werewolf by a marauder, but the werewolves have been her covens mortal enemy for centuries. From the wilds of the Highlands of Ancient Scotland, all the way to modern England, these stories will leave you breathless and wanting more! Magic, shapeshifters, vampires, witches, betrayal, mystery, family, faeries, love, sex, it all awaits you in Magic and Weres.

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As seen in the book set Under the Mask!

Ariel has to choose between duty to her children and her own happiness.

With a heart torn, Ariel went to the masquerade ball alone. There, a mysterious man asks her to dance. Every part of her is wary as much as she is excited. Then he disappeared.

Ancient runes, hidden passageways, mysterious stranger, and a masquerade ball? Ariel’s head swam with the surreal feeling swamping her senses. A few small steps and she’d found her way into another room…with people fully dressed for the Regency period. Awed and bemused by the attention to detail, she tried to find out who they were only to find out that she’d somehow traveled back in time!

There she finds the Lord Montgomery. In another time, Ariel allows herself to forget about her cares and responsibilities. The months pass, and Ariel falls more and more in love with him. But, can they have their happy ever after while her kids were a century away?

Lord Montgomery despaired of ever finding a woman to love him for himself. Then, like his own miracle, Ariel comes into his life. Can he convince her that his love is worth staying in his own time? Did he want to when it would mean she would never see her children again? Could he give up his own chance at happiness?

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Forced to endure yet another matchmaking scheme from her father, Victoria plans to spend the traincoach ride avoiding both of them. That plan changes when she meets the charming William Powell.

However, things are not as they seem. William is more than a business man, and her father has more than a business trip in mind.

Can they live through it long enough to find love?

This story is part of a planned serial in an alternative universe steampunk short story, but has a complete story in and of itself, while leaving more for the reader. I look at it like an episodic show.

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Christmas Eve, Captain Faraway and her crew are ordered to a desolate planet to rescue a crashed cruise ship. However, all is not as it seems. With the commander of the pleasure ship not being forthcoming, most of the surviving passengers didn’t know they’d been shot down. Faraway is put in the position of revealing some unpleasant truths to attractive medical officer Ethan Roarke. Can Captain Faraway and the sexy doctor ferret out those whom don’t belong before they’ve killed her crew and taken over her vessel, or will they pirate Christmas along with their ships?

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