Hunger Strikes

In the beginning, the men and woman of Terre walked comfortably with dragons, elves, faeries and all manner of creatures above and below the surface. They never wondered at it, for it was just so. The thirteen sentient races, with some participation with the seven semi-sentient races ruled over nature and the world was balanced.
But then greed, hatred, lust, and violence began to take power. First in small ways as the others who lived by love didn’t understand what was happening, then more and more as people refused to stand up, refused to fight, declaring it would make them no better than those they were trying to stop. Except for a select few of each race. They stood up to be counted.
The Fates rewarded those that stood up against injustice, making them the leaders of their races, declaring that as long as they and their descendants ruled, then the Old Magik would remain in the land and the races could interact with each other.
For each race, there was a balance in case evil was allowed to flourish. The races could all intermarry, and in fact, it would strengthen them to do so. Some races, chose to stay away from their fellow sentients, the orcs, the trolls, the vampires all refused to intermarry and thus became more evil over time.
The dragons were so powerful, the fates gave them their own world, but with the admonition that if magic disappeared from Terre, than they too would be forgotten, except as stories and legends, and their powers would dwindle.
Some races, werewolves, humans, dragons, dwarves, elves, mermaids, and faeries interacted well, until the times of Median Terre when the Old Magik started to wane as disbelief in the old ways and the Fates began to crumble the powers of the other races.
And so it was that The Land of Drache became more and more removed from the other sentient beings, and their magic weakened until only the strongest among them could walk the two planes of Terre and Drache.
These chronicles are tales of the world of Terre falling into chaos…

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