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I finally got a WordPress Blog. It’s basically a duplicate of my blogger blog. But I needed some sort of something to get my stats on my site to work, so there ya go, I did it. Well, my stats sort of seem to be working. But I’ve only had one more hit since the last time I looked, yet I have 3 new spam comments…How in the, er,  how does that work? So you can spam my site but never look at it?

Makes no sense to me, but whatcha gonna do? Anyway, my blogs are much more personal than my website. You’re welcome to follow on whatever forum is most comfortable to you. I still have to learn how to pretty up my WordPress site a bit.

I have another offer of contract on another short. Been a busy year for me 🙂 I have released Sex Rehearsal and Murder in kindle edition (new edited version) and hope to have my other stories redone by end of June 🙂 It’s available on the nook also 😛

Been editing mostly lately, but thought I’d pop on to share the news about my new offer of contract 🙂 Also, been researching agents lately for my…we’re going to call it “urban sci-fi thriller” for now. Hope to have a list of five to send it to in the next few weeks when I finish edits.

Please, feel free to comment if You’re not spam, but you might tell me you’re not spam LOL Well, back to the drawing board.