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Get a Sneak Peek at Another Awesome Box Set Coming Soon!

Hot on the heels of making the USA Today Best Sellers list with my last box set, Wings of the Wicked, I am happy to announce that I am already preparing for another box set releasing February 26, 2019!  Daryn’s Slayer, is my story in it and I thought that it would be fun to give you guys a look at what I have in store for you!

Daryn is a rebel vampire, escaped from his coven. Coven leader wants him back, but Daryn has no wish to be under her control again. However, she’d ordered all renegade werewolves killed, and without the rich werewolf blood, he only lived a half life. Only werewolf blood allowed him to stay in the light, to heal properly. He’d manage to stay out of her clutches, but she came too close this time. When he’d apparated to get away, he’d dropped upon sweet, sexy Ernestine.

Ernestine is a vampire slayer, bent on revenge against those who’d killed her kind not falling in line with the Vampire covens. Meeting Daryn had thrown her body into a frenzy of lust and deeper need she didn’t want to resist.

Once the two of them give into their longing for each other, things heat up. Can the two of them find a way to revenge both her people and save Daryn from the clutches of his coven leader? Or will the Vampires kill them both?

You can now preorder your copy of Magic, Monsters, and Misdeeds now for only .99 cents!

Universal (All Retailers):  books2read.com/MagicMonstersMisdeeds

It’s Release Day for Wings of the Wicked!!!

I am so excited that the release of the Wings of the Wicked: A Limited Edition Urban Fantasy Collection is finally here! Myself and all the authors in this collection have been working hard to make this release a success as it is out hope to make the NYT Best Sellers list! We are so close, so I really hope that you grab a copy today if you have not already preordered one! Don’t miss your chance to snag this awesome angels and demons boxed set!



Wickedly Dangerous and Sinfully Seductive.

Indulge in 25 breathtaking adventures of dangerous worlds where the lines blur between saints and sinners.

Come meet the creatures that fuel your every lust filled nightmare, where angels are not always encased in a light of righteousness and demons are not always dealing in all manner of debauchery. Where you might just end up rooting for the bad guy…

If you like demonic games, angelic interventions, and thrilling temptations, you’ll love this urban fantasy and paranormal romance collection of twisted proportions in Wings of the Wicked.

Scroll up and secure your copy today!


Son of Chaos by Lexi C. Foss

Torn by Ditter Kellen

Unsuitable Companions by Erin Lee

Arija and The Burning City by Zachary Paul Chopchinski

Chasing Fate by J.R. Thorn

Soul Collectors by Laverne Thompson

Devil’s Claim by Dariel Raye Author & Muffy Wilson

Before the Fall by Colleen S. Myers

Warlock from Wales by Shereen Vedam

Shadowlands: Wings of The Wraith by Khardine Gray

Death’s Angel by K.B. Everly &  Amara Kent

Angels of the Triad-Sariel by Maddie Wade

Heaven can Wait by Lynda Kaye Frazier

Forbidden Hallow by Carolyn Reilly

Wing and a Prayer by Amy Cissell

Evil in the Highlands by Leona Bushman

When Hunter Meets Seeker by Betty Shreffler

Witch Cast by Erica Gerald Mason

The Promise by Kim Carmichael

Guarding Reese by RS McCoy

Her Shadow Demon by Charlene A. Wilson & J.N. Tomczak

Fragile Magick by Heather Marie Adkins

The Demon’s Touch by Anita Hunter & Rebecca Hamilton