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Changes Are Great

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your life is make a drastic change. Due to disagreement about whether or not signing away seven years of rights (“You can just ask for them back from x publisher and audible”…sure you can *headdesk*) when you are only contracted for three constitutes a breach of contract, I’ve made some drastic changes that I had planned to do gradually. This is at once terrifying and freeing. I am free to pursue my dreams with other publishers, as well as self publish. I am working on how to get a cover, and re-edit work as I am by far a better editor than I was, and I have a much better understanding of what not to do as an author.

I am definitely on the rise, despite pulling 11 books and anthologies from my repertoire. I will be republishing my zombie story, Slow Burn (possibly renamed as I want a more unique name) with Just Ink Press (they get any and all zombie stories from here on out. They were already going to get the bulk of them, I just put my romance one where I had most of my other romance ones), The Ulfric’s Mate will be re-released here very soon! I am excited!

I am still working as an author, but I’m also an editor. It is, in fact, my “day job” whilst I build up writing again. I’m also painting more again. My emotional energy has been freed up! yay! And sales are improving on that little by little. I have lots of exciting things going on.

One of the most exciting things is that I’ve moved away from the house where I was getting so sick all the time. As I catch up on my new life, I am accomplishing so much more and still finding more time and energy to play with my children.

Changes Are Good!