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Free ebook version of Winds of Fire: Eagle Claw Series

How is everyone? I’ve been quite busy. I put out a short erotica as well as a romantic thriller, Winds of Frie: Eagle Claw Series. It’s part of a series (duh;). But I’m having troubles with formatting. So guess what? I’m making the two novels I have (the other is science fiction) only 1.99 on kindle, and if you’re a twitter follower, (my handle is @l_bushman) even cheaper on smashwords! Watch for the tweets! Or go look at my back tweets and find the coupon code 😛 LOLOL

I have an idea. The first three people to email me at author@leonajbushman.com will get a free version from smashwords of Winds of Fire: Eagle Claw Series, BUT you have to promise to read it “cover to cover” 😀 Okay?

Anyhow, I posted two queries on my blog about a book I’m getting ready to send out on submissions. It’s fast paced, hard hitting, and no holds barred gritty. The poor main character is tortured among other things. Being the only zombie killer around can get rough 😛 I’d love input on the second query…do you get the idea that it’s a fast thriller? Would you read it if it was the blurb on the back of your book?