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New Release Today!

I am so excited that today is the release of Evil in the Highlands, Highland Magic 2!

Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07NBKBXLM/

As seen in USA Today Bestseller Wings of the Wicked. Mykel and Lyall face a deadly evil taking over their beloved Highlands.

Decay blackens the lush foliage of Scotland. A disease the villagers ha’ branded olc truaighe—total darkness. Mykel, laird of the Clan Campbell known for their abilities to control the elements of nature and their fighting prowess, must ban together warring factions and kingdoms to fight off the scourge threatening them.
His wife, Lyall, tempers the rage within his soul. Her very caress calms the seas boiling within. How can he leave her behind, with danger all around? If he goes, she will have to stay and fight the creatures closer to home. Duty and honor insists he leave, and he would nae be worthy of her if he stayed, yet how can he leave her? As death curls the homeland they hold dear, Mykel sets out on his grim task with his love left at home.
Can they fight off the olc truaighe, or will their people, all of Scotland, perish?

Short Series that Pack a Punch… of Entertainment!

Today I thought I would kick off the week by sharing some series of shorts that would be perfect to spice up and entertain you during the work week!

From Book 1: In this behind the scenes short story, Fern, a werebear, has to save her daughter from a grizzly in an unusual state of mind. However, she’s too far away to get between the enraged bear and her daughter. A werewolf comes and helps them.

Fern is immediately attracted to Bill once she realizes he’s friend not foe. She invites him for dinner as a thank you, and learns more than she likes.

Bill, a park ranger and a wolf without a pack, has many things hidden. Can Fern and Bill start a relationship even if the wolf packs are on brink of civil war and the werebear clan would not approve?

Story should be read between book one, The Ulfric’s Mate, in the War of the Weres series, and book two. They will be featured in a later book.

Series Link: https://www.amazon.com/War-Weres-Chronicles-2-Book/dp/B0776XF4ZM/

From Book 1: An evil darkness forces Mykel Campbell to reveal his magical powers.

Mykel leaves his beloved Highlands in search of a wife. He has two requirements: loyalty and comeliness. Lyall has plenty of both and more. She possesses a spirit of adventure he found appealing. His attraction to her could nae be denied. Verily, his good fortune is complete. Until the darkness strikes Lyall’s village. An evil which takes magic to defeat.

Lyall resolves never to marry. She could nae imagine finding anyone who would accept her magical abilities, much less her strong skills for reading and numbers. Then Mykel Campbell visits their village, and her heart is no longer hers, her body like a foreign land. He came in search of a wife. Could she dare hope?

Then an evil shadow full of creatures of her nightmares encompasses the land, and her family is in peril. Mykel swears his sword and magic to protecting them. Would the two of them survive to have the love of a lifetime? Or would evil triumph?

Series Link: https://www.amazon.com/Highland-Magic-2-Book-Series/dp/B07NS9ZQ9S/

The second book will be released on February 28, so preorder the series now!

Since these are all novellas, you can probably read all them in one week and not even realize how fast time is flying by!

Fight of the Sorceress Coming Soon in Audio!!

I am so happy to announce that today I just signed a contract to have Fight of the Sorceress (Rise of the Kelpies Book 1) produced in audio book! This is going to be the first of many such announcements coming soon I hope! The audio version of Fight of the Sorceress should be out in March and I can’t wait for you all the hear it! Of course if you can’t wait until then, you can grab a copy of the book here: mybook.to/FightoftheSorceress

I think that Audible will give you a discount later on the audio book if you have already purchased an ebook. I think. LOL

Margaret Campbell lost her family to war between the humans and the magical folks. Only, the humans had magical help from those seeking power.

Margaret does not know of her heritage, but seeks out her family’s history as an adult. In returning to the village for the first time since the massacre, strange feelings and memories begin to resurface.

In her quest to find herself and people like her, Margaret steps into the very war which had claimed her parents. More, the others seem to think she needs to lead them.

Margaret must learn to bond with the Kelpies and lead others in order to save her friends, what’s left of her people, but she doesn’t know if she can.

How can she fight those powerful enough to kill her parents and win?