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The Midwife’s Moon

NAME_453x680 (1)Hi *waves frantically*

How are you all? I’ve been sick for 9.5 of last 13 months… I went almost two months healthy once. Just long enough to put my garden in. For that reason, it’s been difficult in my personal life. However, I’ve managed to write a few things when not fighting for breath. 😀 Yay for writing! I’m pleased to say, by the end of the year, I’ll have been in three anthologies, and put out two books with one publisher, and another book with a different one! I’ve mentioned Crimson and Serviced anthologies which came out earlier in the year. Now, I’ll introduce you to The Midwife’s Moon which is the second in The War of the Weres series. 😀 It just so happens, it’s 20% off on the link there (as is The Ulfric’s Mate!), but only until the end of October, so don’t wait!!!

Love the cover 😉 and How’d you like an exclusive to my website only excerpt? 😀

“I’ll go see what I can find. He’s not a Wahpawhat?”

“No, he’s here under Nolan’s protection.”


The doctor didn’t say anymore than that, but he didn’t have

to. Lisa knew too well that as an Elite Guard, she could be held responsible for his injuries. In the were world that didn’t mean some money lawsuit.

“His wife is here. Her and Lance are moving the car then will need someone to show them down here.”

“Sherona can do it,” the doctor said before moving to Marty’s bedside where Paul had already inserted an IV into his arm and started fluids.

That startled her. “Sherona’s here?” Curiosity filled her. Why was the queen of the werejaguars at the hospital? “Trouble with the cats?”

“No.” The doctor didn’t elaborate, and his demeanor forced her to back off. She may have been relatively new to the wereworld, but she wasn’t new to back-off signals.

Lisa paced the small waiting area, fighting the fear that threatened to swamp her mind and cause her to lose control. Her hands began to shake, for it affected not only her, but the entire pack.

Marty’s pack ulfric technically had a right to know one of his own was injured, but Marty was seeking political asylum. She rubbed her forehead, wishing she could rub the thoughts out as well, then heard the elevator doors open and turned. Lance stepped out and walked toward her. His arms opened, and she flung herself into them.

“Thank you for driving us,” she said into his shirt, taking comfort in his scent as she spoke.

“Of course,” he replied and stepped back. Elizabeth wasn’t his only elevator companion. Sherona, Nolan, and Alex were there as well.

Lisa went before him, bowed her head, and held out her hand, the formal submissive pose when not being confronted. Tears threatened. She couldn’t bear the thought of being kicked out of the pack, or worse, but she’d failed at her duties.

“Lisa,” Alex said and touched her arm. Lisa looked up at her, but Alex’s face had turned to Nolan.

“Lisa,” Nolan echoed. “We will find out what has happened. You are not, nor will you be, banished for this.”

Sherona snorted, and Lisa wondered at her merriment. Lance stiffened next to her, and his grip on her shoulder was almost painful, but she welcomed it. It showed he cared.

“Ah, Ulfric, you might try a new tactic. She’s more scared now than before.”

Lisa jerked her face toward Sherona. How in the hell did the jaguar queen know that? For if she wasn’t being banished, that meant—her hands flew to her throat, and she didn’t even allow the thought to finish.

The Ware of the Weres is near and dear, and I have an announcement pertaining to those: I have contracted for 15 more books in the series, including 5 freebies 🙂 So if you want to start reading a series that will through pressies your way once in a while, start on this!

As I said earlier, I have been sick, but that’s not stopping my writing. Maybe slowing me down a bit… 😀




I know, it hasn’t been six month’s but I thought I’d post anyway 😀 I have two new releases, Serviced, and Crimson, both anthologies 😀 Serviced has something to do with military (those were the guidelines to submit) and had to be hot. Well, we deliver! Here’s a FB link for Serviced page and here’s the cover: ServicedVol1 267x400

Gorgeous, ain’t he? er, sorry for the bad grammer. He’s got me all tongue tied… My story, Over a Dead Body has a Navy man and an NCIS woman and boy do sparks fly.

Riker discovered a body and it’s Edie’s job to determine if he did it or not.

He looked at her, his face set hard in downward lines, his eyes ice cold as they looked at her. “Am I a suspect or a witness?”

“Why don’t you tell me?”

He slammed a fist on the table. The noise echoed in the small room. “Damn it, Edie. You know I didn’t do this. Why are you baiting me?”

Other than a slight twitch of her knees, she managed to control the urge to jump back from his outburst. “I’m doing my job,” she answered coldly.

“Your job.” He sneered the words back at her.

“Yes, my job. I need to find out what happened to the MCPO and your role in it.”

“I had no role. I had a meeting and found him dead.”

“So you say,” she said, poking the tiger. She needed to be sure. She knew him well, even if it had been five years. He still hadn’t told her everything.

“Since when is my honor in doubt?” he nearly shouted.

She clenched her fists behind her back to relieve some of the emotions coursing through her. Was it honorable to leave a woman just weeks before the marriage? “We are talking about murder. Or rather you’re not talking.” Her voice rose on the end. He had a way of getting under her skin—always had. Everyone on her team thought she was cold as ice under pressure.

“I told you I found him and called you. I did not kill him,” he said. His vocal volume also rose, making her feel a bit better. She wasn’t the only one losing control.

“You’re also not telling me the whole truth. Out with it.”

Their shouting match had put them in each other’s faces. Her height so close to his that they were mouth to mouth and before she knew it, he’d grabbed her and stolen a kiss from her. Stolen a kiss, her anger, and her will to resist.

For a brief blissful moment, she forgot about the case, the five years, and the betrayal of abandonment. His lips pressed to hers, rough, demanding and oh so delectable. She gave back as good as she got, her tongue warring with his for supremacy.

Then he stepped back and she stood there dazed. They both were breathing hard and just stared. She recovered first.

“What in the hell was that?” Yes, anger, a dandy shield to hide behind. She should know; she’d perfected the technique over the last five years.

These two are a real riot together. Both strong, both loving and wait until you see what happens to them!!

For snippets from other stories in the anthology, go like and read the page. Allie A Burrow shares a few bits there!

Update on Releases :)

I know, I’m bad 🙂 I have been blogging a bit at www.lbushman.blogspot.com 😀 Lots of good authors to be found on my blog. I’ve many new releases!! This one, I’ll be posting two.

Rick Sexed Up the Doc


LB_Rick sexed up the Doc_200x300

As you can see, it’s part of the Naughty Nursery Rhymes line. A flirty short. It’s heavy on the sex for fun line.

Also, Crimson, Volume 1, which was just released on March 1 😀 We’ll see two more shortly 🙂

Crimson1 200x300


Lovely covers, all 😉 We authors at Breathless Press are fortunate!