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Paranormal Monday Musings

This Monday has me in a paranormal mood, so I thought that I would share some not only one of my latest paranormal releases, Daryn’s Slayer!

Link: mybook.to/DarynsSlayer

A slayer and a vampire pair up and turn the supernatural world inside out.

Daryn falls instantly in love with Ernestine the moment he meets her, despite her calling as a slayer. She inspires true feelings he’d thought lost to him after centuries on the run from a cruel and vindictive coven leader, Cassandra.

Ernestine, a werewolf without the ability to shift, can’t deny the desire he inspires, even though her life’s work, her every breath, focused on ridding the world of the evil vampires. Together, their powers change into something new, and their mating becomes a beacon to all the supernatural beings in the area.

Can the fight their way out, or is their union doomed from the start?
I am also happy to announce that I have another exciting paranormal romance coming out soon! The Witch of Indigo Bayou will be out May 1st and is now available for preorder for only .99 cents!

Link: mybook.to/TheWitchofIndigoBayou

After a lifetime of ignoring her magic, Melissa is now in danger from those who would like to steal it.

Melissa discovers her magic is very real while hiking with her friend, Rachel. She sells everything and gives up her life as a stockbroker to live in solitude to practice and learn her magic. But real life keeps intruding. Then, one stormy night before Beltane, John arrives.

Someone sends John to find her. He’s a private investigator and very good at his job. But when he finds her, literal sparks fly. Next thing he knows, he’s talking to cats and other animals, and they’re talking back. If that isn’t enough to believe in the magic, the spell she wove over him sure is. The heat between them is hotter than the Dismal Swamp in the Summer.

They make plans for celebrating Beltane together, and he can’t wait. However, as the time nears, he has to choose between his business and Melissa as the one who sent him to find her threatens him and the woman he’s come to love.

Whatever he does, he is afraid Melissa will die. How can he save her and their growing love?


Short Series that Pack a Punch… of Entertainment!

Today I thought I would kick off the week by sharing some series of shorts that would be perfect to spice up and entertain you during the work week!

From Book 1: In this behind the scenes short story, Fern, a werebear, has to save her daughter from a grizzly in an unusual state of mind. However, she’s too far away to get between the enraged bear and her daughter. A werewolf comes and helps them.

Fern is immediately attracted to Bill once she realizes he’s friend not foe. She invites him for dinner as a thank you, and learns more than she likes.

Bill, a park ranger and a wolf without a pack, has many things hidden. Can Fern and Bill start a relationship even if the wolf packs are on brink of civil war and the werebear clan would not approve?

Story should be read between book one, The Ulfric’s Mate, in the War of the Weres series, and book two. They will be featured in a later book.

Series Link: https://www.amazon.com/War-Weres-Chronicles-2-Book/dp/B0776XF4ZM/

From Book 1: An evil darkness forces Mykel Campbell to reveal his magical powers.

Mykel leaves his beloved Highlands in search of a wife. He has two requirements: loyalty and comeliness. Lyall has plenty of both and more. She possesses a spirit of adventure he found appealing. His attraction to her could nae be denied. Verily, his good fortune is complete. Until the darkness strikes Lyall’s village. An evil which takes magic to defeat.

Lyall resolves never to marry. She could nae imagine finding anyone who would accept her magical abilities, much less her strong skills for reading and numbers. Then Mykel Campbell visits their village, and her heart is no longer hers, her body like a foreign land. He came in search of a wife. Could she dare hope?

Then an evil shadow full of creatures of her nightmares encompasses the land, and her family is in peril. Mykel swears his sword and magic to protecting them. Would the two of them survive to have the love of a lifetime? Or would evil triumph?

Series Link: https://www.amazon.com/Highland-Magic-2-Book-Series/dp/B07NS9ZQ9S/

The second book will be released on February 28, so preorder the series now!

Since these are all novellas, you can probably read all them in one week and not even realize how fast time is flying by!

Get in the Valentine’s Spirit with Daryn’s Slayer!

Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is this week? Well I have a little something to put you in the mood whether you are looking forward to that day or not, my historical, paranormal romance Daryn’s Slayer releases on February 14th (available for preorder now) and it is sure to spice your Valentine’s Day up! What is not to like about forbidden love on the day of love? And just look at how gorgeous the cover is!

Link: mybook.to/DarynsSlayer

A slayer and a vampire pair up and turn the supernatural world inside out.

Daryn falls instantly in love with Ernestine the moment he meets her, despite her calling as a slayer. She inspires true feelings he’d thought lost to him after centuries on the run from a cruel and vindictive coven leader, Cassandra.

Ernestine, a werewolf without the ability to shift, can’t deny the desire he inspires, even though her life’s work, her every breath, focused on ridding the world of the evil vampires. Together, their powers change into something new, and their mating becomes a beacon to all the supernatural beings in the area.

Can the fight their way out, or is their union doomed from the start?

A Plethora of Preorders in February!

It is only the second month of 2019 and I am only picking up steam when it comes to new releases! I have quite a few books up for preorder, with more announcements to come in the following weeks! This is going to be a big year of releases, so hang on!

A slayer and a vampire pair up and turn the supernatural world inside out.

Daryn falls instantly in love with Ernestine the moment he meets her, despite her calling as a slayer. She inspires true feelings he’d thought lost to him after centuries on the run from a cruel and vindictive coven leader, Cassandra.

Ernestine, a werewolf without the ability to shift, can’t deny the desire he inspires, even though her life’s work, her every breath, focused on ridding the world of the evil vampires. Together, their powers change into something new, and their mating becomes a beacon to all the supernatural beings in the area.

Can the fight their way out, or is their union doomed from the start?

Out February 14! Preorder now: mybook.to/DarynsSlayer

Magic, Monsters, and Misdeeds. 8 wild romances for the wicked at heart… Each story will leave you both enchanted and enthralled as it weaves magic, introduces monsters, and uncovers misdeeds that will leave you with a smile of satisfaction.

Lauren Smith
Rebekah Lewis
Elizabeth St.John
Dawn Brower
Aubrey Wynne
Nicola M. Cameron
Leona Bushman
Diane Rinella

Out February 26 and available for preorder:  books2read.com/MagicMonstersMisdeeds

Mykel and Lyall face a deadly evil taking over their beloved Highlands.

Decay blackens the lush foliage of Scotland. A disease the villagers ha’ branded olc truaighe—total darkness. Mykel, laird of the Clan Campbell known for their abilities to control the elements of nature and their fighting prowess, must ban together warring factions and kingdoms to fight off the scourge threatening them.
His wife, Lyall, tempers the rage within his soul. Her very caress calms the seas boiling within. How can he leave her behind, with danger all around? If he goes, she will have to stay and fight the creatures closer to home. Duty and honor insists he leave, and he would nae be worthy of her if he stayed, yet how can he leave her? As death curls the homeland they hold dear, Mykel sets out on his grim task with his love left at home.
Can they fight off the olc truaighe, or will their people, all of Scotland, perish?

Out February 28th and available for preordermybook.to/EvilintheHighlands

It Began with a Sigh… 7 sizzling romances that will leave you breathless. Get lost in slow, burning, kisses; wild nights; and love that makes you sigh in adoration.

Rebecca Lovell
Dawn Brower
Aubrey Wynne
Elizabeth St.John
Lauren Smith
Ari Thatcher
Leona Bushman

Out March 26 and available for preordermybook.to/ItBeganWithASigh

Sarah, Countess of York and decrier of false men of the ton, enjoyed a good flirt, but she had her heart set on Lord Archer. Only, for the past four years, he barely acknowledged her existence except as best friend to his sister Hermione. Sarah had hopes that he began to see her as something more, but then the threatening notes started. Lord Archer also happens to be in the vicinity as each one is delivered. She hates the suspicions rolling around in her mind. However, Father taught her how to watch for treachery, and she couldn’t ignore the logic or the coincidence of Lord Archer’s presence, nor could she deny the pain in her heart at the thought.
Lord Archer had loved Sarah all her life, but once her parents died, he’d taken a step back, searching for a wife amongst the ton as a proper lord should, leaving her to heal. Instead, he found himself drawn more and more to Sarah as she matured into the perfect woman to be by his side. However, could she handle the secret life he led? Did she know about her father’s secret life? But none of that mattered once she started receiving those damn letters. Someone was out to hurt the woman he loved, and he planned to catch them or die trying. Could he also woo her and remind her of the love and trust of their childhood? Or would the situation keep them apart, or worse, kill the woman he wanted to marry?

Out March 31 and available for preorder: https://www.amazon.com/Darkest-Death-Leona-Bushman-ebook/dp/B07MDV3T6J

And these are my releases just for February and March! Told you 2019 is going to be a huge year!

Wings of Wicked: Not All Angels are Nice, Some Can be Very Naughty!

Christmas time is upon us! Seriously how can Christmas Eve be a week from today? Time is flying by for sure. Christmas always gets me thinking about that legendary Naughty and Nice list… One would assume that Angels would be on the Nice side and Demons on the Naughty one, but that may not always be the case! In the upcoming collection, Wings of the Wicked you will find some angels that are anything but nice! As for demons, well you will just have to read to see if you find some good ones! You can preorder a copy of this collection now for only .99 cents and have it delivered to you right away on release day, January 8th!

Link:  mybook.to/WingsoftheWicked

Wickedly Dangerous and Sinfully Seductive.

Indulge in 25 breathtaking adventures of dangerous worlds where the lines blur between saints and sinners.

Come meet the creatures that fuel your every lust filled nightmare, where angels are not always encased in a light of righteousness and demons are not always dealing in all manner of debauchery. Where you might just end up rooting for the bad guy…

If you like demonic games, angelic interventions, and thrilling temptations, you’ll love this urban fantasy and paranormal romance collection of twisted proportions in Wings of the Wicked.

With stories from:

Rebecca Hamilton
Charlene A. Wilson
Dariel Raye
Muffy Wilson
Carolyn Reilly
Kim Carmichael
J.R. Thorn
Lynda Kaye Frazier
Lexi C. Foss
J.N. Tomczak
Maddie Wade
LaVerne Thompson
Shereen Vedam
Colleen S. Myers
Ditter Kellen
RS McCoy
K.B. Everly
Amara Kent
Erin Lee
Erica Gerald Mason
Zachary Paul Chopchinski
Nichole Riley
N.K. Stackhouse
Amy Cissell
Leona Bushman
Betty Shreffler
Khardine Gray
Anita Hunter

Heather Marie Adkins

Welcome Author D.J. Kozlowski!

I started writing this book after seeing a friend’s social media post about the call for submissions. At that point there were about three days left to submit. I had some time, so I challenged myself to gather some of the thoughts rattling around in my brain and transpose them to paper in some sort of orderly fashion. 

It was a scramble and took a lot more effort than I anticipated. The story was there and the writing came easy, but keeping everything straight and ensuring that everything that needed to be resolved was resolved was tough. I had a hard time holding back. I wanted to go in-depth on some character background or sprinkle-in other characters who live in my head. But I don’t like extraneous text in stories–especially short stories. I added what I felt I needed to advance the story and describe the scenes, but that was all.

Three Worlds Press responded to my submission quickly, and it was off to the races. I was fortunate to have a fantastic content editor, Missy (Melissa) Shirley (who’s also an author–you should check her out). She was patient and careful. We rarely disagreed and worked efficiently to tighten-up the story. After that it was a simple matter of choosing artwork and getting the cover to look right. 

Fantasy magic world. Pixie and moon


Minor magic can have unintended consequences. At the beach across from the Sea Foam Apartments, the fates of five people are tragically altered through Melinda’s well-intentioned meddling. Now, Melinda has a chance to help these people find their destinies and restore life to the beach, but she’ll need some help. Fortunately, someone has been watching.

Buy Links:

Amazon: http://amzn.com/B00YTISHKE

Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/the-beach-at-the-sea-foam-apartments

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/books/details/D_J_Kozlowski_The_Beach_at_the_Sea_Foam_Apartments?id=83rFCQAAQBAJ

Three Worlds Press: http://www.threeworldsproductionsllc.com/my-books-2/

Author Bio:

D.J. Kozlowski writes gothic horror, dark fantasy, and magical realism, drawing inspiration from the likes of Poe and Lovecraft. When he’s not writing, D.J. counsels businesses as an attorney. He lives in Connecticut with his wife, 3 kids, and fish, the latter of which is constantly being replaced for the sake of the children. He tries not to take life too seriously.

Cover Reveal: Between Love and War by Sheri Velarde

Today I am happy to welcome my friend and fellow author Sheri Velarde here to share with us the cover and story behind her upcoming release, Between Love and War: Book 3 of Gods Behaving Badly. Take it away Sheri!

When I first thought about becoming and “author” and putting my work out there for others to read, I never thought that I would become published. Then I never thought that I would have a series! How cool is that? I have a book series! It still boggles my mind even though Book 3 of my Gods Behaving Badly series, Between Love and War, is about to come out next month. Truthfully I stumbled into a series. The first book, Looted, was meant to be a short that just kept growing and ended in a way that demanded another story. I guess I should also mention that Looted was rejected before it found its home at Secret Cravings Publishing. Just goes to show that you should never give up. So Stealing Hearts came to be and I introduced a few more gods of old, gods who were just demanding to have their adventures told. Sometimes characters just take on a mind of their own and will not leave you any peace until you listen to them and write about them. The one that screamed at me the loudest was Ares, the god of war just would not be put off. So Book 3 is the story of the true love between Ares and Mania, because of course the goddess of madness is the one true love of Ares. Only makes sense right? Truly, character and books do take on a life of their own and often I am just along for the ride!

Between Love and War was just accepted last week and is being fast tracked for a June release! I will have a release date soon, but right now I am so happy to be able to share the beautiful cover with you all! First round edits are done and we are full steam ahead! I am so excited!


After the Fall, Ares spent a thousand years searching for his lost love Mania. Thinking he had lost her forever, he settled into the life of a mercenary here on earth. Then the fates, and his sister the goddess of love, showed him Mania was alive and well. He travels to London hoping to regain what he had thought lost forever.
Mania had spent a millennia as a wraith of madness before slowly starting to rebuild herself into a new and independent woman. Art had been her outlet and her savior. Then one night her world is turned upside down when her old love walks back into her life. Can she love him again and still remain the woman that she had become?
Unbeknownst to both of them a mysterious organization is lurking in the background and threatening to unravel the lives of all the gods on earth.
Secret Cravings Publishing: http://bit.ly/1BnIMx1
Amazon page for Sheri Velarde: http://amzn.to/1dvAoqb
Website: http://sherivelarde.weebly.com/
Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1FNycVi
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sher_V

Release Day for The Midwife’s Moon!!

Lance and Lisa fight fall out from the pack’s joining after Nolan beats the Lupa. Can they overcome their respective pasts and the pack’s current infighting?
Lisa is still reluctant to trust after her experience with an unscrupulous lover. Becoming midwife to the pack whom adopted her after her lonely transformation is the only sensible solution for her, but she remains apart, sure people hate her for being an aswan. Then she meets her mate. Can she overcome her trust issues and help him with his healing from an abusive Lupa?
Lance helped bring down his Lupa, but he still has scars left from years of her treatment. He’d found his mate before, but had to leave her to protect her. Would she be able to forgive him now? Something evil is in the air and pushes his visions in a manner new to him. Can he interpret what they mean in time to save the packs, or will Lisa pay the price?
Nolan and Alex are still struggling to find the lupa who put so much pain and killed werewolves, but they are finding a stronger presence whom makes Roxy look like candy in comparison. Can they help Lisa and Lance even as they struggle to find Alex’s mother and save her from Roxy’s clutches without causing a pack war across the state?
Buy link:
Three Worlds Press: http://www.threeworldsproductionsllc.com/my-books-2/

midwife leona

Book 2 of the War of the Weres is out! I’m so excited! I’ve waited a long time to renew my love affair with them. We had to move locations as the well had been soured at the old one. But now, clear, crystal water, with a few filters.

This has been re-edited, about 1k words net added, and some were cut, so probably 1500 new words. It’s the same beloved story, continues the saga, and yet is a story of its own. I love werewolves. IN this book, we’re still on the reservation where I’ve lived much of my life, so we still have a strong Native American flavor to it.

Each group of weres, whether it’s wolves, cats, bears, etc., has their own flavor, just like people do. Full blooded Scots in America are not the same as full blooded Scots in Scotland. There are similarities and traditions that they’ve all handed down, but they’re not the same. How much more so are Americans different from say, Brazilians? As people, there are some consistencies to how our cultures evolve, but there are distinct differences and things that people identify with specific cultures. I hope that I caught the Eastern Washington Native Americans best light and gave you a sense of the people for the reader even though I made it all up for the werewolf society. I tried to incorporate the feel of the lands, of the people. I plan to do this with every book. Each pack, clan, pard, shadow, what have you, they will have the feel of the lands around them, as well as where they’re from.

In book three, we’re introduced to a character from the New Orleans area. She’s going to be a bit different than the clans from Sherona’s shadow, for instance.

In The Midwife’s Moon, we have a Mexican woman who’s been adopted into the Native American werewolf tribe, and has a lot to learn, but also a lot to give. Her mate, Lance, has been abused systematically by his leader. They’re both hurt souls who struggle with trust and with letting another person take care of them. But as their lives are on the line in this war in which the true enemy is hidden, they don’t get to pussyfoot around it.

Come, walk the walk with them. Feel their pain, their glory, their fears, their love.

The war isn’t as obvious as you might think.



The first night of the full moon, she showed up at the regular place. She waited in fear, apprehension growing at the unknown awaiting her. She worked to control her breathing. Minute by minute, her dread grew even though she tried to hold back her terror at being alone. Her stomach clenched and her body tensed against the cold ground. What if I die? What if I kill someone? With a newly found ruthlessness, she squashed those thoughts, telling herself he had to come.

But he didn’t.

Soon after moonrise, her scalp began to itch. Absently, she scratched it, but her hands began to hurt in a way she didn’t recognize. She rubbed them until her skin crawled with prickles of sharp, tender points. Her bones began aching, and she dropped to her knees as anxiety swamped her. What’s happening to me now? Trepidation rolled through her, causing her to feel lightheaded and queasy, so she sat back and tried laying her head on her knees to breathe through it.

Her body was on fire.

Her vision changed, moving from color to washed-out, to something in between, which told her “color,” but more. The pounding in her head increased, pushing the pain into her mind, and she crawled to the nearby pine tree and began scratching her back against it to get to the itch there. Her whole body was the fuel and the moon the flame, until an inferno danced within her in a macabre volley keeping her at a frenzy between human and not.

What have I done?


In his wolf form and hiding behind a tree, Lance Navarro watched the beautiful woman from a distance. What is she doing in an open clearing, alone, in the middle of the night? He mentally shrugged and turned to find an animal for their pack leader, Roxy Whitekiller, before she sent someone after him and punished him.

He shuddered. When beatings and scratches, her punishments were harsh, and they were worse when they were…not. A small whimper left him as he remembered the last session of punishments. Boris had helped.

He took two steps, then stopped as the breeze ruffled his fur. It wasn’t all that ruffled him.


His heart raced, saliva built up in his mouth, and desire quickened in his loins. He wanted her. But, how? His wolf wanted the woman as his mate. It couldn’t be. She was a human. He knew all the local werewolves, and he didn’t recognize her.

Almost against his will, the wolf side of him turned back to the woman it insisted was its mate. Lance crouched low and crept back to the clearing, this time moving closer to her position. She had moved so her back was against a tree and rubbed her body hard against the rough bark. The breeze wafted over him again, welcome on the warm summer night, but this time her essence contained—wolf.

His heart screamed in tortured happiness and denial. She couldn’t be. The only freedom he had from Roxy was that she couldn’t threaten his mate when he threw his little rebellions. He didn’t know how he would cope if there was a mate close enough for Roxy to torture. His beast roared inside.

No! Roxy would never touch his mate.

He lifted his head once more over the brush to see what she was doing and panicked. She’s gone!

Even though he felt an urgent need to run, he forced himself to look carefully into the clearing before slowly coming out of hiding. He had to be careful because they were in the neutral territory between his own pack, the Lupins, and the Wahpawhats. No one was supposed to hunt or feed in the area, nor were they allowed to mark their territory as a wolf. Even owning land under human laws entered shaky ground.

When he could detect no sounds or other scents, he went to the tree she had been sitting near and took a large sniff. He closed his eyes, and his torn and shattered soul sighed as he found hope again even as he took another deep breath of her essence. Ambrosia. But where had she gone?

Putting his muzzle to the ground, he started sniffing around, then froze. Under her scent, he caught the scent of the weasel from the Wahpawhat tribe who fed Roxy information now and then. Lance racked his brain for the name while he followed the scents, and it soon came to him—Joseph. Her scent never wavered from the other man’s, and jealousy started to worm its way into his mind. As they headed deeper into Lupin territory, he became sure the woman followed Joseph’s scent.

Joseph had a mate and married her not too long ago, if Lance remembered correctly. He recalled Roxy laughing and saying the poor woman, Joseph’s new wife, was stuck with a cowardly snake. Roxy had also mentioned how she would eat a man like Joseph before being stuck with him and in fact had done that very thing. Then she’d laughed as if it were a big joke, but Lance knew things. He had seen her eating another wolf in a vision, before her mate died. It had been his first clear vision, at age sixteen.

He’d run away the night he’d had that vision, scared of himself, frightened of his nightmares. Only when Roxy’s mate turned up dead did he realize his dreams and nightmares were not like others’. It had taken him a couple of years to learn how to determine dreams from visions, but he had.

Now, though, he increased his tracking pace. He didn’t need to be a soothsayer to know what Roxy would do to another woman trespassing on her land. And, although he wasn’t considered a strong Alpha in their pack, he would defend the stranger, with his life if need be. Frustration gnawed at him the farther he went without finding her. How far could she have gone?


The Midwife’s Moon

NAME_453x680 (1)Hi *waves frantically*

How are you all? I’ve been sick for 9.5 of last 13 months… I went almost two months healthy once. Just long enough to put my garden in. For that reason, it’s been difficult in my personal life. However, I’ve managed to write a few things when not fighting for breath. 😀 Yay for writing! I’m pleased to say, by the end of the year, I’ll have been in three anthologies, and put out two books with one publisher, and another book with a different one! I’ve mentioned Crimson and Serviced anthologies which came out earlier in the year. Now, I’ll introduce you to The Midwife’s Moon which is the second in The War of the Weres series. 😀 It just so happens, it’s 20% off on the link there (as is The Ulfric’s Mate!), but only until the end of October, so don’t wait!!!

Love the cover 😉 and How’d you like an exclusive to my website only excerpt? 😀

“I’ll go see what I can find. He’s not a Wahpawhat?”

“No, he’s here under Nolan’s protection.”


The doctor didn’t say anymore than that, but he didn’t have

to. Lisa knew too well that as an Elite Guard, she could be held responsible for his injuries. In the were world that didn’t mean some money lawsuit.

“His wife is here. Her and Lance are moving the car then will need someone to show them down here.”

“Sherona can do it,” the doctor said before moving to Marty’s bedside where Paul had already inserted an IV into his arm and started fluids.

That startled her. “Sherona’s here?” Curiosity filled her. Why was the queen of the werejaguars at the hospital? “Trouble with the cats?”

“No.” The doctor didn’t elaborate, and his demeanor forced her to back off. She may have been relatively new to the wereworld, but she wasn’t new to back-off signals.

Lisa paced the small waiting area, fighting the fear that threatened to swamp her mind and cause her to lose control. Her hands began to shake, for it affected not only her, but the entire pack.

Marty’s pack ulfric technically had a right to know one of his own was injured, but Marty was seeking political asylum. She rubbed her forehead, wishing she could rub the thoughts out as well, then heard the elevator doors open and turned. Lance stepped out and walked toward her. His arms opened, and she flung herself into them.

“Thank you for driving us,” she said into his shirt, taking comfort in his scent as she spoke.

“Of course,” he replied and stepped back. Elizabeth wasn’t his only elevator companion. Sherona, Nolan, and Alex were there as well.

Lisa went before him, bowed her head, and held out her hand, the formal submissive pose when not being confronted. Tears threatened. She couldn’t bear the thought of being kicked out of the pack, or worse, but she’d failed at her duties.

“Lisa,” Alex said and touched her arm. Lisa looked up at her, but Alex’s face had turned to Nolan.

“Lisa,” Nolan echoed. “We will find out what has happened. You are not, nor will you be, banished for this.”

Sherona snorted, and Lisa wondered at her merriment. Lance stiffened next to her, and his grip on her shoulder was almost painful, but she welcomed it. It showed he cared.

“Ah, Ulfric, you might try a new tactic. She’s more scared now than before.”

Lisa jerked her face toward Sherona. How in the hell did the jaguar queen know that? For if she wasn’t being banished, that meant—her hands flew to her throat, and she didn’t even allow the thought to finish.

The Ware of the Weres is near and dear, and I have an announcement pertaining to those: I have contracted for 15 more books in the series, including 5 freebies 🙂 So if you want to start reading a series that will through pressies your way once in a while, start on this!

As I said earlier, I have been sick, but that’s not stopping my writing. Maybe slowing me down a bit… 😀