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Let’s Delve into my Darkest Valentine!

As the New Year is nearly upon us, I am working on my writing and editing schedule for 2019. Know what one of the first things on that agenda is? The sequel to my historical romance Darkest Valentine! What? You haven’t read Darkest Valentine yet? Well now is the time to grab a copy!

Link: mybook.to/DarkestValentine

Death and destruction haunts The Dark Duke.

Lady Lillian has no desire to marry. She’s seen quite enough of male domineering and shenanigans from the species, thank you. Then she enters into a false engagement and is surprised at her feelings for The Dark Duke, but she wants more than a traditional life of the wife of a duke.
The Dark Duke is bent on revenge for his father’s death, certain it wasn’t suicide. Then he stumbles across Lady Lillian—niece of the man responsible for it all.
He saves her from being shanghaied and finds himself enamored with her, despite who her family is. In a rash moment, he asks her to pose as his fiancé—without telling her why. However, he soon yearns for more than a false pretense. She is everything he has wanted and more.
But what if she learns his secrets?
Can he convince her to give him a chance, or will he lose out her to his revenge?


Preorder some Highland Magic just in time for the holiday!

The holidays are just around the corner and I have some Highland Magic to make them even more special. This is book one of my Highland Magic series. It is available for preorder now for only .99 cents and will be released on December 20. Why not treat yourself while you are busy spreading love to others?


An evil darkness forces Mykel Campbell to reveal his magical powers.

Mykel leaves his beloved Highlands in search of a wife. He has two requirements: loyalty and comeliness. Lyall has plenty of both and more. She possesses a spirit of adventure he found appealing. His attraction to her could nae be denied. Verily, his good fortune is complete. Until the darkness strikes Lyall’s village. An evil which takes magic to defeat.

Lyall resolves never to marry. She could nae imagine finding anyone who would accept her magical abilities, much less her strong skills for reading and numbers. Then Mykel Campbell visits their village, and her heart is no longer hers, her body like a foreign land. He came in search of a wife. Could she dare hope?

Then an evil shadow full of creatures of her nightmares encompasses the land, and her family is in peril. Mykel swears his sword and magic to protecting them. Would the two of them survive to have the love of a lifetime? Or would evil triumph?

Wishing you Steampunk’s Greetings and a Happy New Gear!

The holiday season is upon us, why not take a moment to treat yourself to a relaxing steampunk anthology perfect for this time of year!
Join New York TimesUSA Today, bestselling and award-winning speculative fiction authors as they celebrate the holidays this December in steampunk style. Tinsel and trains, tinkers and time-machines, garlands and gaslamps grace the stories in this limited-time anthology.

Corseted ladies and cloaked lords fill your holidays with Christmas cheer—and a touch of Yuletide magic, too—in this collection full of tales of wonder set in alternate landscapes of Victorian style and steam-powered technology.

So deck the skies with dirigibles, gather ’round the clockwork tree, and settle in with your eggnog and goggles for a steampunk celebration like never before!

Available now for only 2.99!

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Cover Reveal: Between Love and War by Sheri Velarde

Today I am happy to welcome my friend and fellow author Sheri Velarde here to share with us the cover and story behind her upcoming release, Between Love and War: Book 3 of Gods Behaving Badly. Take it away Sheri!

When I first thought about becoming and “author” and putting my work out there for others to read, I never thought that I would become published. Then I never thought that I would have a series! How cool is that? I have a book series! It still boggles my mind even though Book 3 of my Gods Behaving Badly series, Between Love and War, is about to come out next month. Truthfully I stumbled into a series. The first book, Looted, was meant to be a short that just kept growing and ended in a way that demanded another story. I guess I should also mention that Looted was rejected before it found its home at Secret Cravings Publishing. Just goes to show that you should never give up. So Stealing Hearts came to be and I introduced a few more gods of old, gods who were just demanding to have their adventures told. Sometimes characters just take on a mind of their own and will not leave you any peace until you listen to them and write about them. The one that screamed at me the loudest was Ares, the god of war just would not be put off. So Book 3 is the story of the true love between Ares and Mania, because of course the goddess of madness is the one true love of Ares. Only makes sense right? Truly, character and books do take on a life of their own and often I am just along for the ride!

Between Love and War was just accepted last week and is being fast tracked for a June release! I will have a release date soon, but right now I am so happy to be able to share the beautiful cover with you all! First round edits are done and we are full steam ahead! I am so excited!


After the Fall, Ares spent a thousand years searching for his lost love Mania. Thinking he had lost her forever, he settled into the life of a mercenary here on earth. Then the fates, and his sister the goddess of love, showed him Mania was alive and well. He travels to London hoping to regain what he had thought lost forever.
Mania had spent a millennia as a wraith of madness before slowly starting to rebuild herself into a new and independent woman. Art had been her outlet and her savior. Then one night her world is turned upside down when her old love walks back into her life. Can she love him again and still remain the woman that she had become?
Unbeknownst to both of them a mysterious organization is lurking in the background and threatening to unravel the lives of all the gods on earth.
Secret Cravings Publishing: http://bit.ly/1BnIMx1
Amazon page for Sheri Velarde: http://amzn.to/1dvAoqb
Website: http://sherivelarde.weebly.com/
Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1FNycVi
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sher_V