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Let’s Take a Look at the New and Improved Death’s Car!

So, things are getting upgraded around here. This is the first in a series. This is the main serial that will get attention under LJ Bushman. I will be putting 2 more out in quick succession in February. If these go over well, will do three more shortly after that. Free in KU and only .99 cents!

Link: mybook.to/DeathsCar

I’m walking to work when this car hits a bus—except I’m the only one who can see it and the bus and passengers are fine. After I get to work, people start talking about this bus load of people who are dead or dying.
A little freaked over the incident, I go to the where they have the bus cordoned off. There, the driver of the car finds me, only it isn’t any human. It’s Death’s assistant. Turns out, I’m more than I knew, and now that I’ve been discovered, there’s a lot of people out to hurt me. However, all is not lost as Death puts me under his protection.
Lucky me.
This is the first in a series of the chronicles of The Death Caller.

Want a special sneak peak at the covers for the next two books in the series? Well here you are!

Aren’t they gorgeous! I can’t wait to release these into the world! More info soon!